Project Light: Rwanda

World’s First International Youth Healing Program

December 22, 2014: Please help us raise $25,000 to fund Project LIGHT: Rwanda in 2015!

Miracle Update: Our documentary is ready to be released. Click here to view the movie trailer! For information about our EFT in the Classroom program click here to view a short video.

Please know that whatever tragedy or heartache you may be focused on, Project LIGHT proves that love and the right resources can heal anything.

Create Global Healing/Project LIGHT is partnering with The Tapping Solution Foundation for their Newtown Trauma Relief & Resiliency Project and connecting young people here with our Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors for healing and inspiration.

Thanks to you our first Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors have graduated our program and are well on their way to healing, working and leading us into a peaceful future.

We still need your help – 100% of your donations allow us to continue operations for Project LIGHT: Rwanda, finish our documentary and take the Project to other countries around the world.

Our One Heart One World Campaign will create sustainability for Project LIGHT: We are all connected through our hearts’ desires to love, to be loved, to live a meaningful life and to have a bright and peaceful future. When we honor our oneness and act as One Heart we can accomplish anything.

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Project LIGHT: Rwanda will establish the world’s first International Youth Healing, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center.

“Project LIGHT gives birth to a much-needed model of humanitarian aid that addresses basic survival needs, emotional healing, and economic self-sustainability. By developing heart-centered healing and leadership programs for traumatized youth, students, and humanitarians, we seek to shine LIGHT on one of the greatest human gifts that can unite us all—the power and resilience of the human spirit.”

– Dr. Lori Leyden, Founder of Create Global Healing and Project LIGHT

A collaborative training program and grassroots-driven resource center run by young adults for young adults.

Imagine an international youth healing center where young people receive emotional healing and training, real opportunities for economic independence and the freedom to become heart-centered, leaders. With advanced technology to have real-time interactions between these young people, students, donors and our visionary Resource Partners in the fields of education, healing arts, business and entrepreneurship. With a business incubator to develop products and services that will make the Center self-sustainable. Now imagine Centers like this – all over the world – in Congo, Sudan, the Middle East, India, China, Russia, and right here in our own backyards, where our young people are given the opportunity to create global connections and collaborations that lead us into a peaceful future.

Our Mission

Project LIGHT is holistic, sustainable, doable — and our exit strategy gives full ownership to our grassroots partners.

We are committed to creating a new model for humanitarian aid that provides a “handup” approach of lasting change through emotional healing, social responsibility and economic sustainability based on Heart-Centered Leadership™ principles:

  • Spiritual and cultural respect
  • Resource sharing
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Character development
  • Teamwork
  • Creative problem solving
  • Community involvement
  • Compassionate communication
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation

Why Us?

Over the last 4 years, with a relatively small amount of money and a small group of volunteers, we have trained over 550 orphan and other genocide survivors in Rwanda. Our orphaned young people have trained hundreds of others, experienced 90% reduction in trauma outbreaks in one year, as much as 20 to 26% relief in just a few days, and much more. Visit for our history and all-volunteer track record.

Why Rwanda?

The Rwandan government is working diligently on societal and economic recovery and our Rwandan partners are committed to healing themselves and their country – an ideal mindset for Project LIGHT.

Our orphan genocide survivors, aged 16 to 25, live with physical and emotional scars of gruesome memories, mutilation, disease, poverty and little hope for the future. Yet the courage, resilience and willingness to forgive that these young people show us inspires our vision for how world healing can take place.

“You have made a difference in our hearts and in our lives. Now we have hope and we know this is not our burden alone to carry. Forgiveness is so hard but we are willing now because we know we need each other. There are many of us who need your help. Please don’t forget us and please come back.” – Celestin, Student Leader representing orphan genocide survivors

Co-creating the Dream – Our Fundraising Goals


  • First Project LIGHT: Rwanda program in Rwanda, May, 2011 
  • Ability to apply for grants and foundation money
  • Comprehensive curriculum, documentation, technology and sustainability design

Phase II – $450,000 by December, 2011. See our Brief for details

Get Involved! Here’s how you can help…

1. Donate – 100% of your dollars directly support Project LIGHT.

2. Suggest a resource – Do you know of an angel funder, philanthropist or foundation who might share our vision?

3. Spread the word – Forward by email, Facebook, Twitter – Sample message: New humanitarian aid model – support first International Youth Healing Center. Check it out

4. Volunteer or Host a fundraising party – contact us to learn how.

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